Dynabrade X61V

X61V is an orbital  and high-performance sanding coupled with best-in-class vacuum pickup UR5041.

Dynabrade X61V

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Dynabrade X61V is a high-performance sanding coupled with best-in-class vacuum pickup UR5041.

  • With an extreme sanding pad, all new channel design for use with vacuums and multi-hole abrasives.
  • With a unique sawtooth spiral vacuum pattern for maximum dust/debris extraction.


  • Extreme power: New motor design has the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry, with 0.3 hp at 1.8 lbs. Most consistent speed under load in industry, running at 92% of rated tool speed. New rotor design enhances power with less friction.
  • Extreme comfort: Ergonomic design with integrated comfort platform for more wrist support and overall operator comfort. Soft grip co-molded to rigid composite base housing for maximum comfort and durability. Recessed throttle lever eliminates pinch and pressure points on an operator’s palm.
  • Extreme performance: Premium sanding pad is weight-mated for the lowest vibration levels. Made from the highest quality materials for extreme durability and longevity. American-made from the highest grade materials for long-life and high durability.

Storage & Handling

  • Use of tool rests, hangers and/or balancers is recommended.
  • Protect tool inlet from debris (see Notice below).
  • Do Not carry tool by air hose or near the tool throttle lever.
  • Store accessories in protective racks or compartments to prevent damage.
  • Follow the handling instructions outlined in the operating instructions when carrying the tool and when changing accessories.
  • Protect accessories from exposure to water, solvents,


  1.  To ensure long life and dependable service, use a Closed Loop Air System and Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL) as diagramed below.
  2. Each tool should have its own dedicated hose connected to an air supply FRL. Quick disconnects should be installed at the FRL in an effort to reduce contamination into the tool. Securely affix all fittings and hose assemblies.
  3. It is strongly recommended that all Dynabrade rotary vane air tools be used with a Filter-Regulator-Lubricator to minimize the possibility of misuse due to unclean air, wet air or insufficient lubrication. Dynabrade recommends the following: 10690 Air Line Filter-Regulator-Lubricator — Provides accurate air pressure regulation, two-stage filtration of water contaminants and micro-mist lubrication of pneumatic components.
  4. Dynabrade recommends 1 drop of air lube per minute for each 20 SCFM (example: if the tool specification states 40 SCFM, set the drip rate on the filter-lubricator to 2 drops per minute). 95842 Dynabrade Air Lube is recommended.


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