Products for Mold Making

Dow Silicones for the production of flexible molds and Rampf Resins for casting into silicone molds and making objects.

Dow moldmaking silicones are easy to use, resist tearing with repeated use, hold severe undercuts and offer:

  • Excellent natural release characteristics
  • Good resistance to most chemicals
  • Tailorable working times and cure rates
  • Excellent mold release properties

Rampf polyurethane resins are casted into silicone molds producing exact replicas of the original:

  • They do not smell like polyester.
  • They have minimal shrinkage.
  • There are very fast products, 30 minutes demold time
  • They can be painted externally (after curing) and into the resin mass.
  • They can be mixed with inorganic powders to reduce costs and increase hardness.

There are also resins for making rigid molds and models for applications such as metal forming molds, vacuum forming, foundry patterns and general modeling.

We also offer synthetic boards with various properties that can be carved on CNC and quickly produce molds and models.

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