Transparent Plastics & Glass

Transparent UV Adhesives and 2-Component Adhesives specially designed for bonding glass to glass and glass to metal or transparent plastics.

UV Adhesives have many advantages:

  • Absolute transparency, no yellowing through time or sunlight.
  • Very fast, they cure in few seconds when exposed to UV light from UV lamps.
  • Cure on demand, they do not cure if not exposed to UV light.
  • They do not contain solvents, they do not smell, they are not flammable.

However, in order to use UV Adhesives, it is necessary to purchase a UV lamp for the polymerization of the adhesive.

If we do not wish to buy this equipment, we can also use transparent 2-Component adhesives. With these adhesives we can achieve very high strength bonding.

There are products for glass to glass and metal and products for transparent plastics.

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