Permabond 790 - Wicking Grade

Permabond 790 is a low viscosity, surface insensitive adhesive that is the ideal adhesive for high-speed production lines.

Permabond 790 - Wicking Grade

PERMABOND® 790 is a low viscosity, surface insensitive adhesive that will rapidly bond substrates with acidic surfaces such as wood and plated surfaces. Plastics, metals, ceramics and elastomers are also rapidly bonded. The fast cure minimizes the occurrence of frosting and fogging. The wicking viscosity of this product makes it ideal for post-assembly application.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are single component adhesives that polymerize rapidly when pressed into a thin film between parts. The moisture adsorbed on the surface initiates the curing of the adhesive. Strong bonds are developed extremely fast and on a great variety of materials. These properties make PERMABOND® cyanoacrylates the ideal adhesives for high speed production lines.


  • Extremely fast setting
  • Rapid development of high strength
  • Ease of use – no mixing or heat cure
  • Surface insensitive
  • 100% reactive, no solvents


  1. Apply the adhesive sparingly to one surface.
  2. Bring the components together quickly and correctly aligned.
  3. Apply sufficient pressure to ensure the adhesive spreads into a thin film.
  4. Do not disturb or re-align until sufficient strength is achieved, normally in a few seconds.
  5. Any surplus adhesive can be removed with Permabond CA solvent, nitromethane or acetone.

NB: For difficult or porous surfaces using a Permabond activator is recommended. If bonding polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE or silicone, prime first with Permabond Polyolefin Primer (POP).

Additional Information

This product is not recommended for use in contact with strong oxidizing materials and polar solvents although will withstand a solvent wash without any bond strength deterioration. Users are reminded that all materials, whether innocuous or not, should be handled in accordance with the principles of good industrial hygiene. Full information can be obtained from the Safety Data Sheet.

Typical Curing Properties

  • Maximum gap fill
    • 0.05 mm 0.002 in
  • Fixture/handling time (0.3 N/mm2 shear strength is achieved)
    • 2-3 seconds (Steel)
    • 2-3 seconds (Buna N Rubber)
    • 2-3 seconds (Phenolic)
  • Full strength
    • 24 hours

Storage & Handling

Storage Temperature

  • 2 to 7°C (35 to 45°F)

Allow adhesive to reach room temperature before opening bottle to prevent condensation inside the bottle which can reduce shelf life.

Surface Preparation

Surfaces should be clean, dry and grease-free before applying the adhesive. Use a suitable solvent (such as acetone or isopropanol) for the degreasing of surfaces. Some metals such as aluminium, copper and its alloys will benefit from light abrasion with emery cloth (or similar), to remove the oxide layer.


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