Molykote UN - Lubricant Paste

Molykote Un is a solid lubricating paste with synthetic carrier oil. Molykote has been a leader in industrial lubricants for more than 60 years.

Molykote UN - Lubricant Paste

Composition Molykote A

  • Polyalkylene glycol oil
  • Lithium soap
  • Solid lubricants

Properties Molykote A

  • Dry lubrication up to 450 ° C
  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High load capacity
  • Compatible with some types of natural rubber and plastic (compatibility test required before use)

Molykote UN Applications

  • For assembly, running-in and permanent lubrication of components that are subjected to high temperatures.
  • Suitable for dry lubrication of bearings (low rotational speeds), sliding guides and joints that are subjected to temperatures above 200 ° C. At higher temperatures, the carrier volatilises practically without leaving any residue, and the remainder, the anti-friction film dry assumes sole lubrication up to + 450 ° C.
  • As the paste is based on synthetic oil, it is also suitable for lubricating building elements consisting of materials that are not resistant to mineral oils.
  • Successfully used for bearings and slides of cast iron buckets and converter bearings in steelwork, conveyor and belt drive rollers, in kiln and shuttle kiln bearings, chain and chain conveyor rollers, for press joints of iron, for O-rings that are not resistant to mineral oils, lip seals and rubber.


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