Silicone Adhesives

Silicone adhesives, or polysiloxanes, are inorganic polymers formed by a silicon-oxygen chain with organic groups attached to the atoms in the chain. The chemical nature of silicone gives it many advantages over organic elastomers and sealants. The main chemical characteristic of silicone is the presence of a high number of Si-O bonds with bond energy that is much higher than that of CO and CC in organic polymers.


  • Excellent resistance to UV rays and weather
  • Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures
  • Low flammability materials
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Low toxicity
  • Excellent dielectric properties

However, if silicone adhesives come into contact with very aggressive chemicals, it is advisable to first perform performance compatibility tests. Our technical team can guide you in the search for the most chemically resistant and most suitable product for your application.

Silicone elastomers and adhesives designed for sealing applications are divided into various technologies depending on their application method (CIPG or FIPG gasket), their cure chemistry (single component [1K] or two-component [2K], polycondensation or polyaddition) and its application temperature (at room temperature or at high temperature).

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