JAX Halo-Guard FG-2

JAX Halo-Guard FG is a revolutionary food-grade grease manufactured with a advanced, proprietary calcium sulfonate complex thickener and carefully selected additive package.

JAX Halo-Guard FG-2

JAX Halo-Guard FG is a revolutionary food-grade grease manufactured with a advanced, proprietary calcium sulfonate complex thickener and carefully selected additive package to provide the ultimate food-grade, multipurpose grease on the market. This newly enhanced thickener technology provides exceptional mechanical stability, very high load-carrying ability and outstanding high-temperature performance characteristics.

JAX Halo-Guard FG Series greases satisfy the lubricant demands in nearly any heavily loaded food plant machinery application. This makes JAX Halo-Guard FG the ideal grease for difficult, highly loaded, greased gear and bearing applications. Superior water resistance, excellent compatibility with other greases, outstanding rust and corrosion control, and excellent antiwear and E.P. Performance help simplify grease inventory and provide the ultimate in food-grade grease performance. JAX Halo-Guard FG Greases meet the requiremnts of 21 CFR 178.3570 (lubricants with incidental food contact).

Product benefits

  • Outstanding Mechanical Stability—JAX Halo-Guard FG demonstrates excellent mechanical stability, showing little change in cone Penetration (ASTM D 217) or consistency after 100,000 strokes. There is no evidence of shear breakdown in the Roll Stability Test (ASTM D 1831), even in an extended high-temperature, modified version to increase the test’s severity.
  • Unsurpassed E.P. and Antiwear Performance— JAX Halo- Guard FG is formulated with select base materials and additives to show unsurpassed E.P. and antiwear characteristics. These characteristics are illustrated with JAX Halo-Guard FG-2’s Timken OK Values (ASTM D 2509) of 60 pounds or greater and 4-Ball EP (ASTM D 2596) LWI results of over 60 kgf with a weld point of 500 kgf. 4-Ball Wear (ASTM D 2266) performance is equally impressive with typical wear scar of less than 0.40 mm.
  • Protects Against Rust and Corrosion— The calcium sulfonate thickener system of JAX Halo-Guard FG provide excellent natural rust and corrosion protection. JAX Halo-Guard FG easily passes the standard Corrosion Preventive Properties Test (ASTM D 1743). A severe, Salt Fog Test (ASTM B 117) yields passing performance in excess of 300 hours, something few food-grade greases of any other technology can achieve.
  • Thermal and Oxidative Stability—The thermal and oxidative stability of JAX Halo-Guard FG means that excellent performance in most high-temperature applications can be achieved without specialized grease. A dropping point (ASTM D 2265) of 600°F (316°C) means that Halo-Guard FG-2 is the highest temperature-capable, heavy-duty, food-grade grease on the market. JAX Halo-Guard FG will outperform nearly all industrial nonfood-grade greases in high-temperature oxidation stability, a remarkable achievement for a food-grade, NSF H1 grease!
  • Excellent Water Resistance— Water resistance is of particular importance in food-grade grease applications. Few industrial applications are subject to the severe process and sanitation water and chemical contamination inherent in modern food and beverage plants. JAX Halo-Guard FG is one of the most water-resistant food-grade greases currently on the market.
  • Contains Micronox®— A first in food-grade lubricants, JAX Micronox® has proven especially effective in protecting JAX Halo-Guard FG greases overextended lubrication intervals.


The outstanding performance characteristics of JAX Halo-Guard FG can benefit numerous food- and beverage-plant applications.
It is primarily formulated for highly loaded gear sets and bearings, and all food- or beverage equipment subject to water and corrosive washdown. As a “Heavy-Duty” food-grade grease, JAX Halo-Guard FG can extend food-grade integrity to shop and plant equipment including fork trucks, conveyors, material handling equipment, presses, grain presses and packaging machines..


Extensive grease compatibility studies have shown that JAX Halo- Guard FG possesses very good compatibility with the vast majority of the most popular food-grade greases currently on the market. Please contact your JAX Sales Representative with questions regarding specific applications.

Performance features and benefits

  • Outstanding Rust & Corrosion Control
  • Unsurpassed E.P. and Antiwear Properties
  • Very Good Compatibility with Most Greases
  • Excellent High-Temperature Oxidation Stability
  • Excellent pumpability Characteristics
  • Water Washout and Chemical Resistance


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