Molykote High Vacuum Grease

Molykote High Vacuum Grease is a rigid silicone lubricant material that does not melt.

Molykote High Vacuum Grease

MOLYKOTE® High Vacuum Grease is a premium lubricant solution formulated from a high purity silicone oil and exhibiting a very low volatility. MOLYKOTE® High Vacuum Grease is engineered for use in plastic-on-metal or rubber-on-metal components with excellent resistance for chemicals, water and extreme temperature exposure.


  • Good Chemical Resistivity
  • Broad Operating Temperature Stability
  • Low Volatility
  • Low Vapor Pressure
  • Meets Performance Requirements for FDA 21 CFR 175.300
  • Non-melting Performance


  • Lube Plug Valves, Control Valves, Flow Meter Bearings, Ceramic Stopcocks, Fire Extinguisher Valves, Water Treatment Equipment, Synthetic Rubber Gaskets, and Seals in high-temperature Applications
  • Vacuum sealing and pressure systems. O-ring lubrication on binoculars and telescopes. Prevents fogging of delicate lenses
  • Lubrication of ground glass joints like those of the material used in laboratories. It will also be applied in the lubrication of glass joints with rubber tubes of vacuum and extraction equipment.

Problems Solved

  • Lubricant Loss from Chemical Solubility
  • Melting Lubricants or High Levels of Oil Evaporation

Product Specifications

  • NLGI Grade: 3-4
  • Thickener: Silica
  • Low Temp: -40°C (-40°F)
  • High Temp: 204°C (399°F)
  • Color: Translucent White
  • Melting Point: None


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